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Latest Wires for United States : Minnesota
  • Small blue Chevy. Oct 7, 2014. All the way from MN-65 & US-10 to MN-280 & I-94, in moderate, flowing traffic, he rode the bumper of every-- and I do mean every-- vehicle he followed; often within one car-length at fifty miles per hour. Even tailgated a semi. That I was able to see him go east on I-94 when I went west shows just how little he gained over those 14 miles.
    Twin Cities
    October 7 2014
  • N/A
    St. Paul
    September 15 2014
  • pne537 is a fucking gay prick asshole queer faggot and I hope he fucking dies a very horrible and painful death!!!!
    St. Paul
    September 10 2014
  • Teal Honda Pilot.   Driver appeared to be younger female.  Followed her for about three miles on hwy 280, during which she tailgated every vehicle she followed,  even a semi-tractor-trailer.
    St Paul
    September 10 2014
  • Fucking prick tailgater almost killed me!
    September 9 2014
  • Metallic Pontiac on I-35W.  Habitual Tailgater.  Rode the bumper of four successive vehicles even though there was ample opportunity to pass.
    September 9 2014
  • 914DPJ(MN)  Green Pickup driven by adult-appearing male.  Tailgated a Hummer all the way up a cloverleaf on-ramp, as if a Hummer can go any faster.  Result: Not enough room to properly merge at the end of the on-ramp, but that didn't stop this driver from ignoring right-of-way and cutting off traffic to his left.
    Northern Twin Cities
    September 9 2014
    July 29 2014
  • Courteous driver
    New Brighton
    July 23 2014
  • Driver of brown sedan tailgated my vehicle even though I was doing the speed limit on cruise-control in the rightmost of three lanes and there was ample opportunity to pass. When I finally got fed-up with his nonsense, I took it off cruise and just let my car decelerate until he finally got the clue and passed. Of course, he proceeded to tailgate the next two vehicles he got behind as well. It says much for what this behavior gained him that I was able to witness him tailgating two additional vehicles.
    Twin Cities
    July 23 2014
  • Classic aggressive speeder, tailgater, and lane-weaver
    Twin Cities
    July 23 2014
  • Driver was in a dangerous hurry; excessive speed; tailgating; abrupt lane-weaving without once using a signal; even cut off merging traffic to attempt a pass. All this I witnessed while following him with the flow of traffic from MN-65 to the US-10/I-35W split. One has to wonder if drivers like this realize just how little the gain for the increased risk?
    Twin Cities
    July 23 2014

  • Latest Blogs for United States : Minnesota

    859 EEM   Wednesday, October 05, 2011

      Douche bag middle age Caucasian male deliberately breaking in open hwy 494/35 in apple valley! 859 EEM dodge stratus 2000ish light blue in color! Was on my way to work he was tailgating people and let us by and decided he wanted to be a jerk! Anyone see this guy around give him the finger for me! Please and thank you 

    VEN-100   Sunday, April 24, 2011

    Driver was going about 15 mph over, weaving through heavy traffic.  Saw them pulled over a few miles down the road, and then they sped past me again a few miles after that.  Hope they got where they were going safely.


    MN plate MMGMGM3   Sunday, June 06, 2010

    Minnesota plate MMGMGM3. Dark blue Ford Expedition going from Co Rd 5 to Fleet Farm in Lakeville. Just another vanity plate smack-tard driving to big of a vehicle. This clueless idiot should just stay home. Pulled out in front of traffic with NO attempt to get up to speed causing all of us behind him to slow down. Then about 3 blocks down the road decided to turn left from the right lane causing those of us still behind him to slow down again! Wish this "Super-sized" SUV moron would just STAY OFF THE ROADS! On another note, can anybody explain why I cannot post a wire? Keep getting a web-page error that will not allow me to choose the plate for the wire.  


    Selfish ignorant driver   Thursday, May 27, 2010

    MN plate NLL 480 is a rich middle aged white woman, driving a BMW who thinks that SHE owns the road. While talking on her cell phone & attempting to drive, she was constantly honking while I was trying to allow drivers to merge. She should have her drivers license revolked, and be forced to deliver community service to learn some compassion & humility!


    737ckv   Monday, February 22, 2010

     Driving 40 in a 30 mph zone


    Comcast Van   Friday, January 29, 2010

    I was nearly run off the road this morning by driver of a Comcast van. It happened where Cedar Avenue North narrows down to one lane at Lake Nokomis. The driver of the Comcast van had just merged from Hwy 62 and immediately went into the left lane right in front of me causing me to move into the right lane to avoid slamming on the brakes. When we got to the merge, I happened to be ahead of the driver and to the right. I would have been merging behind the car in front of him. The Comcast driver accelerates like crazy and steers to the right so much that his mirror was inches from my window. It was more of an attempted assault with a deadly weapon than a traffic incident. The number for reporting this van is #1235. I reported the incident to Comcast but have not and don't expect to hear back, despite having left my number. This driver was extremely aggressive and dangerous.


    Blows off stopsigns   Wednesday, September 30, 2009

    In Mankato yesterday...5ish. White SUV blew through two stopsigns. Don't know where he/she was going but almost didn't get there. License PCY 046 out if you see this guy coming or going.


    Litterbug   Tuesday, February 03, 2009

    Hi, I'm new here. I'm really glad I found this site because I saw something the other day that I just had to report and I didn't know what to do about it. I was driving home from work when a car turned onto McKnight from Radatz Avenue, in front of me. As the car slowed down for the next stop sign, someone threw a fast food drink out of the window! I had never seen such blatant littering before. I was so pissed but managed to get the license plate. It was a light colored Impala with the plate number KFS 990. Thanks so much for providing a site like this for drivers and pedestrians to report on the grievances they see.


      Tuesday, October 14, 2008

     UGG472 at the WB Crosstown 62 exit ramp to Penn Av S. Tuesday, October 14, 2008 5:00 pm (rush hour, you idiot). I was first in line waiting to turn right onto Penn Av S heading north. While right turn on red is allowed, there was a steady two-lane stream of traffic on Penn and thus I could not turn. As the opposing traffic's light turned yellow, the idiot behind me began honking, even as one last car went through the intersection. As our light turned green and I pulled into the intersection, he wedged his dark red Ford Explorer into the space between my car and the next lane, roared past me to turn right in front of me, and was heading straight into a head-on collision with the southbound traffic on Penn. If I had not pulled sharply to the curb to give him space he would have crashed. This is a narrow street with a school, heavy traffic and a completely residential neighborhood. He proceeded to floor his SUV up to a stoplight at 60th and Penn and tailgate and attempt to pass others on the inside lane despite parked cars. He must be terribly important to endanger so many others!


    Westbound Hwy 55 Tip   Thursday, October 09, 2008

     If you regularly take highway 55 west across the Mendota bridge and wish to continue west on 55 to downtown here's an idea:  Follow the 55 West signs that direct you to the right lanes on the west side of the bridge.  If you take the two left lanes that say Hwy 62 you have to merge down to one lane, then make two lane changes to get back onto 55 west...all in 1/4 mile.  I see people make this mistake every day and I don't know if they're clueless or just driving like jerks.

    Signs.  They are actually there for a reason.


    Crazy Driver   Friday, June 20, 2008

     Last Sunday which was Father's Day I saw a car that was driving in the bike lane. When we got out on the highway they would slow down move over I thought maybe they were drunk. The plate is # is UKA 518 STAY AWAY!!


    Lack of turn signals   Friday, October 26, 2007

      You ever notice that nobody bothers to use turn signals anymore? Why is that? Minivan drivers are the biggest violators, probably distracted by all their bratty kids. Arrogant SUV drivers and my personal favorites, the pickup truck drivers, rarely do as well. Then you have all the douchebags who are too busy talking on their cell phone/text messaging who clearly aren't smart enough to do two things at once. Funny how common courtesy has just gone out the proverbial window these days. People are rude and lack manners. Society thing or personal choice? Interesting debate in my eyes.


    Bad Driver... suprise surprise   Thursday, September 13, 2007

     On Sept. 13 2007 at 8 am a Lady driver in a red Ford Focus passed 10-20 cars on the right shoulder at a four way stop. She stopped for the stopsign in the right turn lane. Then proceeds to drive forward (not turning) and nearly side swipped me and come very close to a parked car. This car was seen traveling southbouth on Bonne Ave just south of 63rd Ave in Brooklyn Park, MN. This incident occured at an intersection were there is a school and typically kids. She should be considered dangerous and should not be licensed to drive.


    JDF-493   Friday, August 17, 2007

     This woman was driving Eastbound on 94 in her beige BMW convertible talking on her cell phone.  She changed lanes w/o looking or signaling and when my husband honked at her to aviod a crash, she flicked him off and mouthed 'asshole' as we drove by her.  Real charming lady.  Watch out for this spaced outed ditz. 


    What is wrong with minivan drivers?   Wednesday, July 25, 2007

     Maybe it's just me, but almost EVERY time someone does something rude, dangerous, stupid, etc. on the road, it's a #$% damned minivan!!!! Can't buy a (decent) car, can't drive one. I am still amazed at how 98% of idiotic maneuvers I see are perpetrated by these stupid (and they sure do LOOK stupid, too) f#@*ing a$$h*%es. The saddest thing is, many of them have children in the vehicle! Way to set a great example and endanger the lives of innocents! For f%$#'s sake, at least learn how to use a flipping TURN SIGNAL.





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