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To "Award" a driver, is to say thanks to a driver for showing courtesy and thoughtfulness.

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DDD 2009


Ive got a dumba$$ to tell you all about! If I would've known about this site earlier I would have gotten this guys license plate number! But anyhow.....Im in the turning lane on Wyoming and Central waiting to turn North onto Wyoming. Like we all do at times, I got caught up in a day dream and the arrow turned green and due to my daydreaming I didn't notice. Well this guy behind me, instead of politely beeping his horn to wake me to get going, he blares on his horn! I start to go and as I start to move I see him in my rear view mirror ramming up onto my ass just inches away from my bumper! I wasn't in the mood to play games so I just went about my way thinking that it was all over in done with....but boy was I wrong! I come up to the light at Lomas and Wyoming. Im in the far left lane up against the turning lane. Pulling up beside me into the turning lane comes that same guy and in his passenger seat an older lady (Im guessing her to be his mom or grandma). As I look over he was all red with anger and was yelling at me. Unimpressed I flip him the bird and told him to F off. Well apparently I hurt his feelings (its amazing I hardly know this guy and I still had this huge affect on him!) because he took of his seat belt got out of his car and started heading over to me. Well Im not stupid...I know there are a lot of goonballs out there so I keep my self protected with a nice Smith and Wesson 9mm. I would hate to ever have to use it but I will if need be! So anyways as this dummy is heading over my way my hub grabs the gun and holds it up (not pointing it at anyone....(just letting this idiot know that he is walking towards the light and better turn his stupid self around!). At this time seeing the gun his poor passenger looked scared to death hollering NO! NO! (I felt sorry for her, I cant believe that dumba$$ was putting a loved ones life in danger over a green arrow and the finger!) Upon seeing the gun the guys eyes grew huge, he stopped in his tracks, turned around got back into his car and put his seat belt on.....but then started yelling at me again saying "I got one too!" pointing to his floor. Yeah right!! ROFLMAO!! What idiot would get out of his car to hound on someone with out a gun if he had one but then again what idiot would be in such a rage over what this guy was in a rage over? Something tells me he doesn't have much smarts about him. Anyhow apparently he wasn't as in as big of a hurry as he made himself out to be at the light this all originated at because his arrow turned green but he was still sitting there yelling at me.....I pointed out to him that his arrow was green and that he better go cause god forbid he doesn't go when the arrow turns green!!  Im sure he is getting his in the end. Im guessing that his grandma/mom went home and told the family how he got a gun pulled on them for being a dumba$$ and Im sure they are reeming him good! By the way this guy looked to be late 40's early 50's. Hispanic or Italian. A scrawny bean pole with dark big fluffy hair (kind of looks like a wig) driving a white SUV Im thinking it was either a LandRover or a Toyota but just not sure. If you see this guy will you tell him hi and give him the finger for me Thanks!LOL 

Thursday, February 01, 2007


Thursday, May 10, 2007

 You miss spelled ream by the way.


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