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PlateWire is a public repository and electronic forum of drivers by drivers. Using a drivers license plate, commuters can communicate their thoughts and feelings in regards to driving on today's roadways.

Award a good driver for their good deed Award
flag or warn a bad driver of their bad action Flag
notify a driver of a physical danger or hazard with their vehicle Hazard
send a flirtacious message to a driver you liked Wink

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Award Flag Wink Hazard

To "Award" a driver, is to say thanks to a driver for showing courtesy and thoughtfulness.

To "Flag" a driver, is to warn a driver of his/her rude and/or careless behavior that you have witnessed.

To "Wink" at a driver, is to send a flirtacious message to a driver you've encountered.

To "Hazard" a driver is to warn them of a physical hazard that their vehicle exhibits.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009


My husband and I were coming home from a day cruise in Whittier back to Anchorage while he was home on leave.  This guy came FLYING up on our tail - so close that he would have totally smashed the back of the truck in if my husband had hit the brakes.  Then after my husband wouldn't speed up because there was another car in front of us, this guy pulls out to pass us with a freighter truck in the oncoming lane and CUTS right back over in front of us and a

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Right to Right

Thursday, September 20, 2007


 If people would turn RIGHT into the RIGHT lane, and LEFT into the LEFT lane like they are supposed could turn 'together' and create better traffic flow!  But NOBODY does that, it seems! 

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Sunday, May 13, 2007



Warning from The Alaska Department of Fish and Game

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