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DDD 2009

The amount of disrespect on the roads is alarming.

Wow, my first blog that I actually started.

I was out driving yesterday and had 4 incredible experiences.  Three of those were in the span of no less than 5 minutes.  It's frightening what is happening out on the roads.

The very first one was a driver in a small black sports car.  It was the little two door buick car which model escapes me right now.  This guy was cutting EVERYONE off.  No matter what lane you were driving in he used the highway like his own little ladder to get ahead.  Swerve left into a space between two cars that NO car could fit.  Then swerve right and do the same.  Each and every time he cut a car off, he slammed on the brakes.  And I don't mean just touched them so his tail lights would light up, he slammed on the brakes locking up the tires.  He was just begging for someone to hit him and almost put several cars into other cars on the road with his antics.

Finally it was my turn I guess.  However after he slammed on the brakes I took out my phone and began calling 911.  When he saw me, he took off like a bat out of hell.  I was already going 70 and when he punched it it was like I was standing still.  While on the phone with the state police I told them how he was now taking off.  The dispatcher seemed just as anxious to catch you as I was hoping that you got caught.  Unfortunately my travel on the highway wasn't long enough to pass you as you were pulled over on the side of the road.  I really wish I was taking a longer trip.

The rest happened on the way back to another destination.  First, on the highway there is an on ramp that is very long.  While driving down the right lane on a two lane stretch that is bordered by jersey barriers on both side this dude in another small black car comes flying up behind me.  He then swerves right at the last second almost clipping my bumper.  Remember I am in the right lane.  He started driving through the median seperating the highway from the on ramp.  Then he pulls into the on ramp and speeds down that to gain position.  However, at the end of the ramp, he didn't bother to merge.  He pulled up along side a PT Cruiser and refused to move over.  He eventually forced the PT cruiser through the left lane and off the road.  Then took off again!

I got off that next exit and now I'm on city streets.  I get to a three way intersection with a light.  My light is red, I stop.  The traffic crossing in front of me to turn left gets backed up.  So what did all those cars do?  They piled into the intersection.  More than half a dozen cars piled into the intersection, AFTER their light turned red.  Now no one can go.  The two ddirection that have green are stopped in their tracks by all you selfish people who couldn't wait 25 seconds for another cycle of greens!  WTF is wrong with you?  Then God forbid the people with the green make like they actually want to go!  You give them dirty looks and the finger for driving towards your cars that YOU blocked the intersection with!

The fourth and final event before I got to where I was going was not more than 300 yards past the intersection.  Coming down the hill is a man on a bicycle.  Flying down the hill, a curved hill, is a car packed with teenagers.  As they pass the man on the bike the driver swerves into him like he is going to hit the bike and laughs hysterically!  The bike was forced off the road into a residential yard where he dumped in the grass. 

What in the worls is wrong with people?!  You are not indestructible!  We all have important places to go.  Driving is hazardous enough in itself without people compunding the danger by acting wrecklessly.  Don't you understand you can KILL someone?  Not only yourself but the entire family riding in the car next to you?  For what?!  Please tell me what for!  What is worth risking the lives of innocent people minding their own business?!  I want to literally strangle the people I see driving like this because the lack of common courtesy is sooo infuriating.  I live the rest of my live in pain every single day as a direct result of someone who couldn't wait for a freaking stop sign and wasn't adequately insured to boot!

So incredibly sad the state of the world today.  When courtesy on the road is the exception to the rule it's an embarrassment to say the least.  I am finding myself more and more surprised by kind acts on the roadways then acts of rage.  Unfortunately I realize it's futile.  There's nothing that can be done.  People have become so selfish and self centered that until they kill themsleves off with their crazy acts they won't learn.  I only pray that they hopefully only take themselves out and leave the rest of us alone.

Bah, while I am on it, I'll mention something else that bothers me.  Why, oh why oh why, when you have no insurance, no registration, drugs or weapons in the car, WHY are you driving like a freaking moron?  Are you not smart enough to figure out that when you have contraband you should not be drawing attention to yourself?  When you have reason to go to jail you should be driving like a SAINT.  I know you already must be stupid for doing whatever it is you're doing but really, how deep does your stupidity run?  If you're obeying all the traffic laws the odds of you getting pulled over for something are extremely low!

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Sunday, January 21, 2007

 Welcome to  plate wire. All we need now is some plate #s, location, and time of day, and this site will be doing it's job. I know it's tough to remember plates and info. I'm thinking of getting one of those little reminder things I see on tv. Keep the info coming! 


Friday, February 09, 2007

This is for JustPhish; I read your Jan. 21st comment today and I must say your right on target with your observations...I have one theory, and one possible remedy.........

People REALLY become incognito and invisble so-to-speak when driving in their cars, there's no HUMAN contact and instant reaction, therfore the attitude........of me, me, me, takes over.........maybe, (and I've used this analogy before), if we could all just imagine we're at a sports arena or a mall or anywhere really where hundreds of people are walking those settings we don't WALK on peoples heels, run up behind them and try to push them along, run around them on the left and right, etc etc etc....and that's partly because of the instant reaction, and certainly in addition the HUMAN contact.........but there's just something about being in that car, that little house on wheels that's moving 75mph+ that just..............



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