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DDD 2009

116 Sunderland

 I am continually shocked and appalled by the callous and cavalier attitude drivers on 116 display.  There is a section of the road that runs through Sunderland, over the years many UMass students have been injured or killed by cars and trucks.  Many solutions have been put into place.  The roads have been widened, the speed limits changed, and increased police surveillance.  Recently they installed a set of lights after a friend of mine was hit by a truck last year.

I take this road every day, to and from home, work and school.  As a result I've been privy to some of the worst drivers on that road have to offer.  At night I am frequently tailgated and high beamed for going the speed limit.  There is one particular section that folks feel the need to illegally pass me.  This area is supposed to be heavily patrolled by the police, however whenever I'm being harassed by other drivers on the road they are never to be seen.  When this occurs during the day, I can occasionally get their plate and file it here, but most of this occurs in the evening or night.

The irony of this situation, I see some of these cars pulling into homes or apartment complexes after the 'dangerous' section of Sunderland.  These are people who live in the area, and go to UMass.  Do they even think about what they are doing?  Do people only realize these things when they've hit and killed a young college student?  Does the town of Sunderland only act when the second, third or fourth person that year is hit by a moving vehicle?

blue devil
Monday, May 10, 2010


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