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DDD 2009

Road Rage Scare

First off - the plate was an older AZ red plate..NEB*895, they don't have this option here. Tried to post it as a wire, but couldn't get past the preview option. If it shows up as a wire, please forgive the redundancy.

This crazy man almost rear-ended me while I was trying to make a right turn - he was trying to get around a car actually going the speed limit in the middle lane and apparently thought he could pull a "Mario" by cutting in front of the car behind me and then whipping back into the middle lane in front of the "slow" car (this all happened in a 40mph zone). I saw all this in my rear view mirror as I was getting ready to make a right turn. I had signaled far enough in advance that the car behind me had lagged back a little - unfortunately making an opening for this idiot.

Bad luck for me that I was making a right turn (and yes, my blinker was on but he couldn't see it from the middle lane)and boy did that piss him off because he lost his slingshot opportunity - he rode my bumper around the corner then shot into the center turn lane to start harassing me and show me who was the boss. I thought he had finally turned into a church parking lot because he was in my blind spot - but as I looked over into the turn lane to prepare for an upcoming left turn, bam he was right there.

Now - this is where I was stupid...instead of letting this idiot just continue down the turn lane and get ahead of me (I assume that would have been the outcome of his maneuver), I sped up and got into the turn lane and started to make my left turn (yes, my signal was on). He swung right off my bumper into the traffic lane and hit the gas going around 60mph (this is in a residential area - posted 30mph)to get to the next major street. So it was pretty obvious he was not a resident going home - he was just harassing me because of the initial right turn that he was mad I made.

I followed him to get his plate - and that's when it got really scary. He stopped his car on a main thorough-fare so I would go past him then swung back behind me to tailgate me. And when I say tailgate, I mean he was 2-3 inches off my bumper. He followed me like this for about 1/2 mile and then swung around me and pulled even. Twice I showed him I was on the phone (to indicate I had called someone) once when he pulled over and then once again when he was on my bumper. I would not look at him - I was talking to 911 (and had been since he pulled over to make me pass him) and was terrified of what he might do if I made eye contact.

I think he finally realized that the police were probably on the other end, because very suddenly he pulled off into a parking lot on the right - I very quickly pulled into a busy parking lot on the left and waited for the police to come.

Moral of this story - I will never try to get someone's plate again. If I am not able to get it, then that's the way it goes. This situation went from bad to worse when I followed him to get the plate info for the police.

Oh, and I am a mom of two who was just coming home from the grocery store. I was not on my cell phone, I was alone in the car, I signaled well in advance of my turn, I did not slow down ridicously to a stop to make my turn - my only mistake was to turn right when he wanted to go straight. It apparently sent him over the edge.

Saturday, July 07, 2007


Saturday, July 07, 2007

 Sorry - black Lexus sedan with gold trim might be an older model since the plate is one of the old red ones.


Saturday, August 11, 2007

 Around Shea and Miller.


Wednesday, August 08, 2007

 Where did this occur?

safety 1st 

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