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DDD 2009

Good Samaritans in Arkansas

I hope that this does not violate any rules.

I was coming home from a trip to Eureka Springs, AR on my motorcycle, traveling Arkansas Hwy 23 South in a section known as the "Pig Trail" on Sunday, June 24th about 1:00 pm.  I broke a cardinal rule of motorcycling in a very sharp turn, I looked where I was going instead of where I wanted to go, and went off the road about 15 feet in some soft ground and grass.  The bike and I slid down a drop off and laid over on it's right side.  I jumped up, ran to the side of the road and I heard a lady yell "Are You Hurt?"  A couple on another bike coming the other way saw me go down and stopped to help.  I was shook pretty bad, luckily not hurt much, just nervous as hell, being 450 miles from home and riding alone.  They both helped me get my bike started, pushed me and the bike up the embankment out of the mud and muck, get me back on the road, then help me assess the damages and try to gather my wits.


Another couple on a bike stopped, offered me some wet naps to clean up a bit, a badly needed bottle of water, and made sure that I was not hurt, stayed a bit , and then continued riding.  The first couple stayed with me while I started straightening out and re-adjusting mirrors, bending things back into shape etc.  They even offered to let me go to their house and rest a while.  Once they realized that I was calming down, they took off on their way.  They even took most of the pieces of my broken windshield with them so I didn’t have to leave the broken pieces of plexiglass on the side of the road.  I thanked them over an over.  It wasn’t till an hour or so later that I realized in my panic, that I never got their names.  I don’t even remember their license plate number.


If anyone knows or hears of a couple from Franklin County, Arkansas, traveling North on Arkansas Highway 23, who helped a guy traveling South on Arkansas Highway 23, riding a Black, 2000, HD Softail with a black/gray suitcase strapped to the rear seat, 12.9 miles North of I-40, Sunday June 24, 2007, about 1:00 pm, please tell them that you read this, how much that I appreciate their help, and to please contact me through this board, username BZR 102 from Louisiana.


Thank You,


Michael Chapman,

Harahan, LA

bzr 102
Wednesday, June 27, 2007


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