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DDD 2009

This is not NASCAR

 Hwy 287 is a great way to commute back and forth to work.  However, there is a yellow Mustang GT (not sure what the first number in the plate is (*19 FFC) who thinks 287 must be a NASCAR track.  Honestly, what in the world makes him think he can tailgait other cars with less then 18 inches between his car and theirs?  No it is not drafting, it is not cool, it is not showing off skills you think you have, it is simply dangerous.  Not to mention stupid.

If you feel the need for speed, do it somewhere else.  There are tracks around the area where you can truly test your skills and wreck that POS without endangering others.  I ride a motorcycle and don't feel like trying to avoid idiots like you.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Wednesday, March 05, 2008

What part of 287?  I live in Lafayette and maybe could get you a plate number.

My real solution is to call 911 and report the driver.  It sounds justified to me.  You are being threatened, regardless of the mechanism.  The motor vehicle code says this is illegal in several different ways.  If dude was waving a gun at you, you would call.  If the police do nothing abotu it, call the newspaper.

My non-real answer: This is why I used to love having a beater of a car.  Downshift and with any luck he will total your car (being a POS car, this would be a revenue generator).  Once a collision (I won't call it an "accident") has occurred this idiot would have to be issued a ticket, and it should be an 8 point deal.

Contrary to popular belief, unless you blatantly slam on the brakes, you are not at fault for doing this.  You "slowed to adjust to traffic".  Hell on 287 wherever it is, you can just do it when a signal inevitably turns red in your face.

Let's get you a full plate number and then you can report it to the police.  If you show up in person aroudn here, they will follow up.  Everyone gives the police a lot of grief in general, but they really do a great job ... especially for the piddly amount of money they make.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I agree with your statement regarding the police.  It's just too bad more people don't acknowledge them.  Last Christmas I was bringing in some photos to give to some collegues, when I notice a patrolman parked under the ambulance bay.  I decided right then and there to give him one of my photos.  I think I startled him when I gave it to him and said "thank you".  He said "For what", I said because of everthing you do.

As far as the Mustang, I agree that the best option is to call 911, but that is very difficult to do when you are on a motorcycle (sorry, I refuse to use my phone on the bike, even if I had the hands free devices to use).  But I have seen this car a couple of more times.  He starts just out of Longmont (by Gaynor Lake) and drives through Lafayette.  Thankfully my hours have changed slightly and I have not had to deal with him again.

Thank you for your offer of help!


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