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DDD 2009

Rural Road Construction

 On this Memorial Day Weekend I wanted to take a little time to inform Illinois drivers about the maintenance that goes on every summer.  If you live in rural Illinois and drive rural roads you will inevitably run into some sort of road construction.  This can come in the form of grading, patching, culvert replacement, oiling, etc. 

While I am not sure if road officials are required to place advanced notice I am aware that it is a big help.  During road construction again, advanced notice is a big help but not always in place.  I cannot tell you why these signs are not in place, but I agree that they should be there.  This could be for a lack of planning, a less than caring additude, or just plain laziness. 

If you are given advance notice of road construction: 1.leave early 2. know a different route 3. be paitent  In most cases the maintence on your road takes only a day to complete.  Just give the road to the workers for one day, you can have it the other 364 days.

If you come upon road construction: 1. be polite...we're people too  2. be paitent  3. if you are courteous most times we are able to work with you to get you where you are going 

Most importantly if you come across an uncovered oiled road, DO NOT DRIVE IN THE OIL.  You may be held reponsible for destruction of public property and forced to pay for your damages.  I know that all intersections are not marked, blocked, guarded ,etc.  please use common sense.  Unless your house is on fire, or your uncle is dying stay off the oil.  

Local road officials do not have the resources that the State Highway Dept. does.  They rely on your cooperation to make the roads better and safer.      



Road Doctor
Saturday, May 26, 2007


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