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DDD 2009

blocking the left lane

 from the Amity on ramp in new haven (merritt parkway northbound) Plate #MTMTMT (volv), appears to own that stretch of road. While responding to a family emergency, this driver would not let any one pass him (including me) while he drove in the left lane. He decided to parallel cars that were driving slower in the right lane, then speed up when there was a lull in the right lane. This action would then not allow others to even attempt to pass him on the right. You try to signal to him and he would not respond. Honk horns, again no response.

I suggest calling 911 to report any further issues with this Volvo... We do not need people taking the law into thier own hands, especially when they are not licensed to do so.


Wednesday, May 09, 2007


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