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DDD 2009

GA400 Toll


I travel GA 400 frequently and often will notice the same people stay in the far left lane until the last possible moment when approaching the toll booth. They then move over several lanes so they can pay the toll.


Why can’t these people learn? Either stay to the right or fill out an application for a cruise card. It’s not that complicated.



Thursday, April 12, 2007


Thursday, June 21, 2007

 I guess they believe since they are paying to drive on Ga 400, they can drive how they want, wish the law would sit there and write them up for illegal lane change.  I am sure you will agree that is one of the main reason for so many accidents in Atlanta.  I believe to get a cruise card, you have to have a credit card they can bill to, or send in a deposit for them to deduct from.  I doubt after paying that high intrest car loan each month they have any a credit card they can put it on.


Saturday, June 23, 2007

The sad thing is there's a lot of warning as you approach. They have an entire mile to move over. Nope, wait until it's almost too late. Drive over the solid white line and nearly collide with another person. You're right, many wrecks are caused by stupidity here.

On a regular basis I'll notice the person ahead of me doesn't get a green thank you. I do hope they enjoy the $70 citation they'll receive in the mail.

I know for certain those go out. There was a malfunction and my cruise card didn't get read correctly. To complicate matters they put my tag in the database incorrectly. I received a citation in the mail.

Wasn't a problem. A quick call to the state and they corrected the error. A recent law went into affect the first of the year. Pay the $70 or your registration is revoked.

You may have a point on the credit cards. Some of these bozos think it's cool to own a vehicle they can't afford. It's all about appearances.



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