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DDD 2009

Columbus, GA!!!! AHHHHH!!!!

 This city is the WORST city for dumbass drivers EVER! There CANT be ANY other city thats worse than this one. I know I drive fast but DAMN! throw me a bone here....can noone make a judgement?!?!?! Common sense ppl! DUH! Cant be any simpler.....I know Ive pissed ppl off but MAINLY becuz they make some stupid move in the frst plce! GRRRRR!!! I need a gun!

Monday, February 19, 2007


Monday, February 19, 2007

 ok, xtremeranger - only replied to two other blogs, and have usually cooled down enough, by the time I get home, that I've blown off the things I've seen that day.  my username is not my rank - rather, the area I see everyday - columbus to opelika and back.  many more, like the one you described, do the same thing on 280.  my wife even had one in town today, as she cleanly moved into the left lane to pass a car, had a "pig van" (touting their child as an "honor student" at - - - a local private school) zip by her on the right, then squeeze between her and the car she was passing - must be providing that honor role student with a good example.  since you're the first i've seen from our area - and if your username holds true - you do have a comrad in . . . . words (class 13-84).


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

 LoL! Glad to know somone is with me on this! My User Name refers to my Ford Ranger that I drive. Its black and sexy. Cant miss it.


I love the ppl that do that, I try to speed p just to piss them off......Im not in the left lane for my health me....I will always drive faster then you......


Thursday, February 22, 2007

while i also pass in the left lane, frequently - - don't think i'll take your challenge.  i've started carrying a trauma bag in my trunk, and had to resupply it too many times, from folks not keeping their focus, not having enough experience doing what they're doing, or being the result of someone elses lack of focus/experience.  my personal favorite (causing the most heart-burn) is those doing 60 (on 280), in the left lane, while holding their cell phone up to their ear.  i can just imagine hearing them say, "but i'll be turning left just up ahead (in 2 miles). 

God's speed with you and keep it tween the lines - i've no great burning urge to resupply my bag, again.


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