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Flag: demonstrated single-digit IQ

936-JXD Oregon
Sunday, May 20, 2018
OR 936-JXD
brownish HONDA  coupe or sedan
Dundee, Oregon


May 20, 2018, about 11:20am, northbound on Hwy 99W at or near 7th, it was not necessary to use a hand gesture to proclaim your single digit IQ, because it was already evident from your driving. First, your left turn into a too-narrow gap in Hwy99W traffic violated the right-of-way of the vehicles already on Hwy 99W and forced them to slow down because of that thoughtless action. Second, slamming on your brakes is not the correct response when someone correctly informs you via their audible warning device that you just committed an unsafe action. If medical attention is needed for the neck and spine injury my passenger suffered as a result of your rudeness, we intend to pursue legal recourse.


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