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Flag: Inconsiderate x 100!

BPR7991 Arizona
Thursday, December 31, 2015
AZ BPR7991
Silver NISSAN  Versa
Phoenix, Arizona


I was behind this person for a couple miles on 12/30 @ 3:30pm going West on Cactus Road, from 35th Avenue. I was never able to see the driver clearly, but do believe it was a male. He proceeded to speed and cut off multiple drivers - never once using his turn signal. People would be slowing down for a red light and he would just cut over in front of them with only a foot or two to spare. A couple times since there was not enough room to cut over, he would have the back half of his vehicle still in the other lane. He weaved through traffic constantly for a few miles before he made a left turn. What an inconsiderate, rude, dangerous jerk!


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