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Flag: Morning Rush Hour Madness

KVZ-570 Maryland
Monday, October 06, 2014
MD KVZ-570
Dark Green TOYOTA  Camry
District of Columbia, Washington DC


The commute into DC in the mornings, can be very challenging at times, but most people are considerate and give right of way. Today a driver in a dark green/ olive Toyota Camry was driving like he owned the entire stretch of Cabin John Parkway, Canal Road and E St Expressway. He was weaving in and out of different lanes as he was constantly jockeying for a "better" position,...because of course no one else mattered. As we rounded the corner near the MacArthur Blvd turn off, he suddenly cut me off (with inches to spare) to move in my lane. There were a couple of car lengths between myself and the car in front of me, but this asshole was driving he ended up slamming on his brakes to avoid hitting the car in front. This dick head continued weaving in and out of traffic but I eventually caught up to this asshole near the ramp to 29...and took down his license plate. Try to avoid this asshole at all costs and report him to the police if you see him driving like this.


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