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Flag: Turn on red, stop first!

JZ1033 Massachusetts
Saturday, June 28, 2014
MA JZ1033
White FORD  F-150
Northborough, Massachusetts


Distracted, tired, late for your appointment or just ignorant? At 6:18am on the morning of 6/28/2014, while turning across traffic with a GREEN arrow, a driver from Crock Architectural zoomed through their RED light, almost causing a front bumper to front bumper collision. Fortunately I've seen this scenario many times and slowed down seeing the speed with which the driver was approaching the light and I stopped. Driver looked over at me, not a care in the world that he was running a RED light and just kept on going. Guess it's his belief you are not running a RED light if it's a right turn on RED. Anyhow, sent the info to your company's safety officer. Hoping they simply talk to you to avoid a future accident.


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