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Flag: A new low for intelligence

Friday, August 31, 2012
Gray AUDI  A6?
Honolulu, Hawaii


Honey, Foolish Little Girl, I've seen you twice already. The first time was a few weeks ago on the airport viaduct. We were going freeway speeds as you were busy with your iPhone - texting or playing games. You kept it up all the way onto Nimitz into town.

Random event. Nope. I saw you again today on the Nimitz off ramp. Doing the same thing. Until you got to about Kalihi street where you started rummaging around in the back seat. Must be something important as you couldn't keep up with traffic and slewed your nice expensive euro-sedan around. Turns out you were trying to find your freakin' iPad so you could do more mindless meaningless crap as you tried to pilot 3500 pounds of metal. How stupid can you really be? I hope that whatever you finally put your car into when you wreck it can take the hit, like a tractor trailer, tree, lamp post, the Pacific ocean.


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