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Flag: Asshole in Jaguar

187-fcg Oregon
Thursday, August 09, 2012
OR 187-FCG
red JAGUAR  xj
Tillamook, Oregon


Traffic is congested at times on Hwy 101. Wonderboy in red Jaguar paced traffic beside a vehicle moving far less than the speed limit while chatting with passengers in car (really not paying any attention to the traffic, road, or anything else but his personal and immediate concerns not related to driving). When traffic could eventually pass him, he speeds up and cuts me off with only inches to spare when he realized he was no longer in front of all nearby vehicles passing and changing lanes dangerously. It seems we were traveling in the same direction to the same town at the same time. It was a wonder to watch him play road games with people by tailgating, deliberating driving at a lower rate of speed in no passing lanes, and in general, being a jerk. It was easy to watch the ass in action as I cannot compete with a Jag in only driving my Jetta. Didn't want to try on Oregon Coastal Hwy 101. It was nice to ponder what he would have done if I had passed him in my V12 XJS, but in reality, why try...he would be too involved with himself to understand. Jerk....


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