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TLH-293 Oregon
Sunday, April 15, 2012
OR TLH-293
White with thin black stripe down sides. FORD  Ecoline
Tigard, Oregon


I know its a lost cause reporting a bad driver in portland. (Hahahaha.) This older gentleman pulls out of his church parking lot, without stopping at the stop sign or looking to see if any cars were coming; Which resulted in my having to slam on my brakes, and hope the cars behind me did the same considering I had my 1 year old in the backseat (in his carseat of course.). I let it go, figuring he's probably a little over medicated; or just plain pissed off he has to go listen to a bunch of bullshit so early in the morning. The next stop sign we pulled up to, he was obviously to good for, because he didn't even touch his brakes; instead speeding up and cutting 2 other cars from their right of way in the four way stop, the 2 cars laid on their horns, and myself on mine, because I really didn't want to witness yet another car accident on these roads so frequently traveled by people who apparently think they own the roads. (Mind you we're on one of the residential streets off of scholls, near Lamb's thriftway. So pedestrians everywhere, always getting hit by people like this.) I'm only 24 years old, and I'm really starting to get fed up with the way these people who should be showing an example for me and the people younger than me driving, and then they have the nerve to piss and moan claiming its younger drivers who are being wreckless. I see more teenagers letting people merge properly, and using four way stops as they should be, than I have ever seen an older person do in this city. Anyway, my rant is done, not that it will do any good. A small side note; Lets consider increasing the frequency at which the elderly need to be tested on their driving ability. At the same time, also make it cheaper for them to do so, so there is no friction. A person can lose a lot of cognitive ability over a year, yet it takes multiple years before they have to even step foot in another DMV. Something needs to change soon.


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