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Flag: failed to yield to cyclist on city roadway

70-Z382 Nebraska
Wednesday, October 20, 2010
NE 70-Z382
Sioux city, Iowa


I was cycling south along Chris Larsen park road( to the right) along the Missouri riverfront near argosy casino when a black SUV coming up behind me with another car going north on a 2 lane city street,and the black SUV failed to Yield to a (me) cyclist with oncoming traffic,so he passes in between me and the other vehicle and yells at me,while the other driver had to decide whether he should proceed through or to drive up on the curb to miss the driver of the Suv.Iowa law says all vehicles must yield to cyclist with oncoming traffic. cyclist have the same right as vehicles on any roadway(share the road) except interstates. this driver needs to follow the rules of the road and show respect to cyclist on any roadway. watch out for this time i will call the police on you (owner) and you will get a ticket for failing to yield Nebraska drivers. i will be watching for your plates and SUV


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