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Flag: Dangerous impatient

ginger1 Mississippi
Monday, November 30, 2009
Maroon red CHEVROLET  Truck
I-10 at MM23, Mississippi
Charcoal Gray


Interstate 10 eastbound at Mississippi mile marker 23. This pickup truck comes up on me fast in the left lane right after I passed another car. I tried to move over as soon as I saw it was safe but she started going to the right lane also even though I had my turn signal on. So I start to go back left and see that she is going back to the left. Then I decided to get out of her way as quickly as possible and went to the right lane. As she went quickly by me her hand was up and there was no passenger. I don't know if she was waving in regret or anger. Then she tailgated other cars ahead. My wife and kids were in the car with me so I don't appreciate that kind of impatient, dangerous, and rude driving around us. This lady needs to slow down and be more careful.


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