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Hazard: Dangerous driver who does NOT pay attention to red lights!!!

hkifmly Iowa
Sunday, May 31, 2009
Silver Other  Minivan
Des Moines, Iowa


PLEASE NOTE: This car has black/gold Uni of Iowa Hawkeye plates but those are not an option on the system. Car also has large Hawkeye icon decals in window. This driver was heading SB on Merle Hay Rd @ appx 955 am and completely blew off the red light. I was heading WB on Aurora when I witnessed this. E/W bound traffic had green light and right of way and were proceeding on Aurora and N/S Merle Hay RD traffic was stopped. Vehicle in Merle Hay #1 SB lane was stopped, #2 lane was clear. Small vehicle with right of way was heading EB on Aurora and crossing Merle Hay when minivan in #2 SB lane lane flew through intersection at over 30 mph. He was able to brake and swerve and slid sideways avoiding the driver who was crossing Merle Hay but quickly backed up to correct himself and continued driving SB on Merle Hay (he got out of there so quickly I was unable to get car make but did make sure I got plate). This driver is obviously a danger to others and needs to be taken off the road before he kills someone through his carelessness.


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