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Flag: Loud Obscene Motorist

2TSD176 California
Saturday, August 18, 2007
CA 2TSD176
light blue JAGUAR  
Foster City, California


On or about 3:30 pm today I was driving west bound on Metro Center Blvd and came to a traffic stop on the intersection of Metro Center Blvd and Edgewater Blvd. I noticed a white male in his late 20s or early 30s wearing a green baseball cap in a light blue 4 door Jaguar was behind me. When the light turned green I turned left on to Edgewater Blvd heading southbound towards E. Hillsdale Blvd. I heard some honking behind me as I was turning left. I stopped at the corner of Edgewater and E. Hillsdale getting ready to turn right. I see in my rear view mirror the same motorist behind me. After yielding to oncoming traffic and when the light turned green I was just about ready to turn the corner when this motorist started honking at me. He was yelling as well, loud enough for me to hear him saying "COME ON!" and "MOVE!". For some reason he thinks I'm a slow driver. I saw in my rear mirror he was giving me the finger. I turned the corner and proceeded to drive west bound on E. Hillsdale on the first lane. I was driving around 35 mph as that is the posted speed limit. This motorist also turned right on that last corner and going in the same direction as I was. He sped up in the number 2 lane until he was driving beside me. He had his window rolled down. I looked at him for several seconds and saw him give me the finger and yelling some kind of obscenities at me. I had the front passenger side window rolled up so I didn't exactly hear what he said but I doubt it was anything pleasant or nice. I decided it was best to ignore him as I was driving. He must have driven alongside my car for maybe 10-12 seconds before he sped off ahead of me. We both came to a stop in different lanes on the intersection of E. Hillsdale Blvd and S. Norfolk Street. He was to the right and ahead of me in another lane. I intend to turn left onto S. Norfolk. While we were both waiting for the traffic light to turn green I grabbed a pen and paper and jotted down the motorist's vehicle license plate and vehicle description. The light turned green and I turned left onto S. Norfolk while the motorist was last seen heading west bound on E. Hillsdale towards San Mateo. I then drove into the Marina Shopping Center and pulled into an empty parking spot where I called 911 to report this motorist.


Posted by salesman on Sunday, August 19, 2007

You've heard the phrase: "There is one in every crowd" had your one for the day! Good judgement not to be confrontational with this guy! Big shot in a Jaguar..Oh well, have a great day and drive I see you do. "Note": Don't Drink & Drive it's a deadly mix!
salesman in New Mexico

Posted by battlecat on Sunday, August 19, 2007

Great not to be confrontational, but as you were paying so much attention to him, were you sure you were going at least the speed limit? Just a question.

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