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Flag: running red light

6T02915 California
Saturday, August 18, 2007
CA 6T02915
Gold GMC  Sierra
San Marcos, California


On the south bound side of Twin Oaks Valley Road at the intersection with Village Drive. After stopping at a left turn red arrow for several moments, the male, 20-some driver of the said truck looked frantically throughout the intersection and quickly took-off, turning left onto east-bound Village through the intersection (with one vehicle attempting to turn right from Village to Twin Oaks). Stationed behind the gold truck, I honked my horn to warn other drivers in the area who may not be aware of the indiscretion and to tell the driver of my disapproval of his dangerous act. He proceeded to flik his middle finger at me. Moments later, the left turn arrow turned green, allowing me to make my turn and to observe where the careless driver ended his journey. He turned into the Portarosa gated community and parked in front of the clubhouse. At which time the driver and two passengers, same age and one of each sex exited the vehicle and began removing items from the bed of the truck. (My guess is they were late for a party.)


Posted by battlecat on Saturday, August 18, 2007

I saw a guy do that thru an intersection as the light was red. He was in R lane and I was next to him in L. He was on his cell and all of sudden he just went. he drove for about a mile and turned right. but he did this on a very busy route in my area....utter and total distraction. Or maybe it was because the L turn arrow lit up...that happens alot.

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