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01795m8 Maryland
Friday, August 17, 2007
MD 01795M8
Pearl White CADILLAC  Escalade
Frederick, Maryland


At about 5:39 on Wednesday August 15, 2007, I was riding in a vehichle. We exited from route 70 E at the 85/355 exit. Female driver of the Escalade was in the far right hand lane which eventually is an exit only lane. She was not completely in front of our vehicle when she went in front. We had to slow and swerve to avoid hitting her by inches.

To add to the bad driving, when stopped at the light, she rolled her window down to say, I wasn't that close.

Yes, honey, you were.


Posted by chrissya on Tuesday, August 28, 2007

This sounds just like the woman who (nearly) hit me in River Hill. She looked at me like I was crazy after I honked and swerved out of the way when she came barreling into my lane.

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