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00000 Kansas
Thursday, August 16, 2007
KS 00000
White Other  Imported SUV
South of Haysville KS, Kansas


Incident occured just south of 87th Street South and Seneca going southbound on Seneca. This road, BTW is a rural dirt road with many farms. Idiot in a white imported SUV runs up on my rear end where I can't even see his headlights. I was doing a respectable 45 mph...mind you, this is a RURAL DIRT ROAD. The individual decides that he wants to pass me, and I move over to oblige him. He goes around me but decides to take the ENTIRE ROAD to pass me and which forces me into the ditch on the right hand side of the road to avoid a collision. Of course, he and I'm assuming his wife in the passenger seat ride off at a high rate of speed in a cloud of dust. Unfortunately, due to his high rate of speed and trying to control my truck sliding through the dirt, I didn't get his plate number, which were normal KS handicapped plate. I managed to get my truck out of the ditch and proceed on my merry way after checking to make sure I didn't cause any damage to property or my vehicle. I'm just guessing, but it looked to me like he was doing 60 to 70 mph down this dirt road that is populated with slow moving farm equipment, animals, and any number of hazards. Apparently, this individual has never lived in a rural area and gone over a hill and came face to face with a tractor or combine that takes up the entire road. Absolutely unsafe and irresponsible driving. I contacted a Sedgewick County deputy sheriff that I know and, without a plate number, I can do nothing. But, he was close enough to me that I got a good look at him in my rear view mirror just before he went around me that I'm confident I could identify him in court. I'm hoping that I see him again so that I can get his plate number and contact the law enforcement authorities.


Posted by 3b2c on Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hey MORON. When you LOSE IT and drive into a TREE going 65 MPH on a dirt road, it WILL NOT BE A PRETTY PICTURE. It is not a matter of "IF" you have a major collision, just "WHEN". SLOW DOWN BEFORE YOU KILL SOME INNOCENT PERSON. May your COLLISION be SOLO.

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