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Flag: Merging at 40

5XLF500 California
Friday, August 10, 2007
CA 5XLF500
Dark grey or black JEEP  Compass
Los Altos, California


Encountered on the ramp from 280N to 85N in Los Altos on Saturday, August 4, 2007 at roughly 10:45 PM. There was no thru traffic on 85N, but this Jeep Compass driver took the ramp at 40 mph anyway, backing up the 4 cars behind him (including me). The curve of this ramp is such that you can easily take it at 65. The actual merge part (which can be confusing as 2 lanes suddenly disappear) doesn't occur until several hundred feet past the ramp. Something tells me that this Compass was a rental. There are just certain cars in the San Jose area that are only bought by rental car companies.


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