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GGB-0364 Pennsylvania
Thursday, August 02, 2007
PA GGB-0364
Blue/gray BUICK  older model
Hampstead, Maryland


Going North on Rt 30 through Main st Hampstead. This lady was flipping off the people behind her becasue she got beeped at for sitting at a green light. Then she was swerving all over the lane and almost rear ended the car in front of her becasue she was so busy yelling at her child in the back seat. and smoking a cigarette.She kept driving while she was turned around and making hand gestures that she was going to slap her child. CLASSY LADY. If you are so distracted by a child misbehaving maybe you should pull over for the safety of your child, you and others around you. You had plenty of space to pull over as there is a shoulder all over that area of 30. Get some priorites and get some class.


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