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Flag: Dangerous Truck Driver

614612 Indiana
Thursday, August 02, 2007
IN 614612
Blue Cab Other  Semi Tractor Trailer
Evansville, Indiana


8/1/2007 06:37 - Northbound Green River road between Washington Ave and the Lloyd Expressway. This tractor trailer with the blue cab was traveling at an exteremely high rate of speed (aprox 50 in a 30) in stop and go traffic. He was also tailgating, and blowing his air horn at people in front of him. He then turned west onto the Lloyd Expressway. Note this plate is the plate of the trailer that belongs to Cato Foods, their contact number is 800-428-8078 and the trailer number is LTR-535763. The police were called and a complaint was submitted to Cato Foods. Note this person came out Schnucks supermarket at Washington and GreenRiver.


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