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CY5-AUP Georgia
Saturday, July 28, 2007
Red Other  Motorcycle
Dunwoody, Georgia


You start out riding my bumper, not a smart thing to do with a truck. Motorcycle vs. truck, the truck ALWAYS wins. Then you started to pop wheelies and weave back and forth. I couldn’t go any faster since there was traffic ahead of me. You then pass me over a double yellow line. Nice move, the light was red. You looked at me dialing my phone, yes I was calling 911. You got lucky, their phone rang over a dozen times and I got a recorder. I’m so glad there wasn’t a real emergency. The street is not your playground. But, then again keep up the stupidity and one day you’ll probably “kiss” a tree.


Posted by tubby smurf on Friday, August 10, 2007

speaking as another motorcycle rider, amen. guys like this give us a bad reputation. then again, this kind of thing is good for the gene pool. idiots don't last long on bikes.

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