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Hazard: Danger Danger!!

501-SIQ Iowa
Wednesday, July 25, 2007
IA 501-SIQ
black/red stripes DODGE  Small pickup
West Des Moines, Iowa


This guy is very dangerous. First, he wouldn't let me get on the off-ramp onto University. He came out of nowhere and blocked my SIGNALED exit to the ramp. I then gunned it a little just to squeeze between him and the car in front. My Jeep is short enough. He makes a very dramatic and uncalled-for show by slamming on the brakes and veering onto the shoulder. There was no need as no one was even going very fast. This fact alone suggest erratic behavior. Anyways I'm watching this guy catch up in my rear-view mirror. There he is, acting nonchalantly. There is a right turn lane at the end of the ramp. Once again, following traffic, I signal to go right. He cuts onto the shoulder and blocks me AGAIN! I can't get over! I stop, roll down the window and ask him what he's doing?? Now starts the rage. The guy had no reason, he was sitting there like nothing happened when he rolled down his window. He mentioned my Marines tire cover, as if he had a problem with Marines. I withheld my temper and drove off, turning from the center lane, which is also a right turn lane...The guy is a marshmallow. WARNING: Driver has issues, possibly mental!


Posted by RODEOGIRL1973 on Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hate to bust your bubbles, but this would be flag not hazard. I don't see road rage as hazard, I see it as Flag, meaning dangerous. ;)

Posted by awesomedriver on Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thx but I consider this driver and his vehicle a road hazard to all drivers. He may be LOOKING for an accident to collect money.

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