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974-LXA Georgia
Sunday, July 22, 2007
GA 974-LXA
Black AUDI  
Sandy Springs, Georgia


You’re an idiot, an idiot who shouldn’t be on the road for any reason. You first pass me turning left on Roswell Rd from Dalrymple. I would have laughed had the van ahead of me went into the right lane. You then accelerate to about 60MPH in a 45 zone. Damn, the light at Trowbridge was red and we caught up. Then you weave back and forth get a bit ahead of us and then red light at Morgan Falls. Now you’re really upset and pass a mini van using the center turn lane. At this point I think you’re on the way to a dire emergency. A few more red lights and you turn into the BP station. I’m still right behind you FOUR MILES after you passed me on the left turn. All your weaving and passing got you nothing. You look absolutely foolish with your gigolo hair, faux tan and silly shorts. You’re pushing sixty, please keep your body covered. Using the center turn lane as a passing lane is incredibly stupid. Park it idiot.


Posted by 3b2c on Sunday, July 22, 2007

A 60ish male in a black Audi driving like he's 16? Perhaps looking for another guy for a date.

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