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295-SLA Iowa
Thursday, July 19, 2007
IA 295-SLA
Black Other  
Ames, Iowa


This car is from Hardin county, if you see it shake your head at them in shame. They are irresponsible at best and it is a shame they are allowed to drive! In Ames on July 19 between Noon-1 there were many traffic snarls because the Duff Ave. crossing was closed. This meant alternate routes involving alley ways, Main Street, etc.. On lady with four kids in the car pulled out of an alley way. I let them go ahead of me because it was obvious they'd been waiting a while to get on the road to take an alternate route around the closing of a major road. Since the road is only closed for a few days not many people remembered it was going to be closed, but behind me a car with 3 people from Hardin County pulled behind. The car I let go ahead wasn't able to pull totally into our lane of traffic because the people ahead of her wouldn't let her in anymore, she misjudged and made a small mistake (we all do at some time). She looked at me and smiled a smile that reflected "sorry, I know I should try to get in further, but I can't" I smiled back and nodded it was fine with me. In fact the other cars started going around her (she wasn't blocking traffic, the street (Kellogg) is fairly wide and they were able to go around her).

Here is where it gets interesting, the lady in the passenger seat of the car behind us gets out of her car and starts to yell that the lady in the car is "stupid" and "f@%#ing stupid" for blocking traffic. No one else cared, but what was sick was that it didn't affect them, they were BEHIND me, the car in question was in front of me. She kept yelling at them loudly while the people in her car just laughed and acted like it was a joke. THERE WERE 4 YOUNG KIDS IN THE CAR! How STUPID is this young woman!? She appeared to be in her 20s and was making horrible decisions. I wanted to yell how STUPID she was and that she should SHUT UP. I didn't, because I realized that I shouldn't reflect the same poor behaviour she did.

Just beware that this car is full of JERKS. They can't take into consideration that no one is happy to make a detour, but they yelled swears and mean things towards a car with kids and an innocent mother in it. It made me sick to see what our society is coming to (and I'm only 18...really makes the future look bright now).


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