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Flag: Unsafe Lane Change

016-MXY Colorado
Thursday, June 21, 2007
CO 016-MXY
Denver, Colorado


This guy followed me off the freeway and then took the #1 lane north on University. After a couple of miles, he chose to suddenly change lanes about half a block before his right turn into a bar parking lot. While changing lanes he did not allow enough room and nearly took off the front end of my car. His rear bumper was about even with my front axel when moved into my lane. I prevented the collision this guy nearly caused by slamming on my brakes hard enough to lock them and leave skid marks on the pavement. Fortunately the driver of the car behind me had left enough room to avoid a rear-ender. This jerk should have changed lanes earlier behind me or should have pulled further ahead to leave enough room. Either option was available to this guy. Of course he doesn't care about the consequences of his bad driving, only that he's the first to turn into a bar parking lot. I hope the bartender takes his keys away. It seems to me that he's on a fast-track to hurting or killing someone.


Posted by ceejer53 on Thursday, June 28, 2007

He was fully aware I was there, driving the speed limit, leaving an appropriate amount of room between the car in front of me. He was sometimes 3 -5 car lengths behind, and sometimes 3 - 5 car lenghts ahead. I'm not sure why you think it is okay to excuse someone's bad driving. Are you the owner of the Infiniti FX-35 with Colorado plates 016 MXY?

Posted by MrMischief on Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ever consider that you shouldn't have been riding in his blind spot? Yes this person should have checked his blind spot, but we all know that nobody does. So lesson of the day, DO NOT RIDE IN SOMEONE'S BLIND SPOT. Problem solved.

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