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Flag: Dangerous Female

nsf179 Hawaii
Friday, June 08, 2007
Cream HYUNDAI  Elantra
Pearl City, Hawaii


For one haole female, you're a rude, selfish & dangerous driver. When you came barreling down Kaahumanu Street and went through your RED light to turn right onto Moanalua Road (towards the H1 West on-ramp) you didn't care that the two lanes of vehicles coming up Kaahumanu Street turning left onto Moanalua Road (who had GREEN lights and had the RIGHT-OF-WAY to head towards the on-ramp) nor the fact that a Toyota pickup almost creamed you. If that truck hit you, your insurance would've skyrocketed and your insurance company would be shelling out the big bucks to pay for all damages, not to mention your traffic citation for running the red light without stopping. Hawaii traffic law states that if there is no sign prohibiting a right turn on red, you can proceed WITH CAUTION if there is no traffic coming. I hardly think your actions were displaying any kind of caution. If I were that other driver, I would've hit you! I doubt seriously that his truck would sustain much damage, but for certain your relatively new Hyundai would've been trashed. If you don't change your driving habits, it's only a matter of time before a crash occurs due to your poor driving habits.


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