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Flag: You aren't supposed to straddle the dotted line.

642-ADV Kentucky
Tuesday, May 15, 2007
KY 642-ADV
Silver/Grey PONTIAC  Grandam SE
Lexington, Kentucky


As you weaved in & out of traffic on I-75 N without using your turn signal I honestly thought nothing of it considering all the construction & the mess it has created. But when you exited the interstate on the Newtown Pike exit you straddled the dotted line all the way down to the light. When you finally chose a lane & cut me off to get into it I was mildly frustrated, and as I followed you onto Newtown Pike & watched you almost cause a wreck by straddling the dotted line AGAIN while others were merging onto Newtown Pike from I-75 S, I got nothing but pleasure when several vehicles chose to honk at you all the way down Newton Pike until you turned onto New Circle.


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