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Flag: repeat offender

PDE744 Hawaii
Thursday, April 26, 2007
dark blue PORSCHE  Cayenne
Honolulu, Hawaii


This is the first time I've posted a second time on the same driver. As usual for a work day, I was Ewa bound on H1. I was just passing the onramp from Waialae Ave on to westbound H1, approaching University Ave when the arrogant, aggressive Porsche driver decided she wanted to put her Porsche SUV into the same spot that my car happened to be occupying at the time. She was in the center lane as she was passing the end of the onramp from Waialae (just before the University offramp), and of course wanted to exit at University. As is her usual procedure, she put on her signal and then just moved on over, never mind that I was beside her at the time. She definitely needs to turn in her license and learn how to use the Bus system.


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