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Hazard: Illegal Lane Change

W712375 Louisiana
Wednesday, March 28, 2007
LA W712375
white FORD  F-150
Denham Springs, Louisiana


3/28/07 8:23am CT White male wearing a bluetooth driving a white Ford F-150 truck with a white tool box in the bed from Bobby Ford dealership, left Mary Lee Donuts in Denham Springs, LA and was turning onto Range Ave. into the lane closest to him (third lane). He fully turned into that lane, then decided to switch to the center lane WITHOUT looking first. I was coming down Range in the first lane and had my turn signal on to switch to the center lane. The white Ford truck almost side-swiped me in the center lane. That driver proceeded to wave his hand at me as if I was in the wrong. Then, he proceeded to write down my license plate. He stayed behind me until I-12 at Millerville Rd., when I was able to get behind him and get the make, model and license plate of his truck. Fellow drivers....BEWARE!!!!!


Posted by mrbrown on Monday, April 23, 2007

This should probably classified as a "flag" rather than a "hazard" (which is used primarily to let drivers know they have something physically wrong with their vehicle). Welcome to platewire, though!

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