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Flag: Rude Jerk, Dangerous Driver!

47y252k Alabama
Thursday, March 15, 2007
AL 47Y252K
Huntsville, Alabama


Assumming this is a man behind the wheel of this fairly new, Pearl White Cadillac CTS, every morning on the way to work between 6am-7am? If so, he's a complete asshole to myself, loved ones and everyone else in our "fair" town. He's usually right on my rear bumper, sometimes he won't pass even when I give the opportunity to get this jerk off my rear. He's one of these idiots that has his blinding fog lights on, all the time. Weaves in and out of traffic, on Hwy 72, using absolutely no turn signals what so ever and exceeding the speed limit by at least 20+mph. I hope someone else confirms that they've seen this fool. Hope something good comes from this site. I'm sure I will post more, but he's the biggest asshole that's got me this pissed off in a long, long time.


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