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554-lfr Arkansas
Monday, February 19, 2007
AR 554-LFR
older model (maybe late 80 or 90's) dark green FORD  F150
Hot Springs, Arkansas
insurance chic


While traveling on the MLK expressway in HS, right past the hwy 70 on ramp..."Mr. Ford" traveling in the left fast lane and I in the right, with plenty of room ahead to proceed, no one in front of or behind either of us...."Mr. Ford" for some reason cuts me off barely missing my front end and at the same time a rock flies from his tire hitting our windshield and cracking it.
So "Mr. Ford" by chance that you are registered on here this is just to give you the heads up. When I go to get my windshield replaced I am sure my insurance company will be contacting you.
Have a great day.


Posted by drivingx on Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I wonder how many times a rock that has come from under one of your tires has damanged a car behind you!

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