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Flag: Passed on solid line

8699 Maine
Sunday, February 11, 2007
ME 8699
beige TOYOTA  Camry
Durham, Maine


Passed me while going fast on a curvy road with a solid line. The line is solid for a reason. When the road is so curvy that you cant see far enough ahead to safely pass, the line is solid. He ended up being stuck behind 2 more vehicles. Why someone would drive like that to get in front of me just to get tailgate the guy 20 feet in front of me will always remain a mystery to me.


Posted by dusty56g on Monday, February 18, 2008

As this guy is obviously an ass, I travel 125-136 most everyday and see this all the time. However the line in the road is just a Recommendation not a law, unless there is a posted do not pass sign. I like how people pass on 125 just for me to catch up to them at the light in lisbon falls. and the same on the other end in freeport.

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