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Flag: does not know how to yield!

917-ABL Maine
Sunday, January 28, 2007
ME 917-ABL
White DODGE  Grand Caravan
york village, Maine


me and a bmw in front of me were driving from york harbor through the village when as we were going though the triangle, this white caravan coming from the beach direction, looked right at me and the bmw and continued right through the yield sign, forcing me and bmz to slam on the brakes and both to lay on the horn to let him know it was not his right of way, i flipped him the bird as i passed him on york street to head south, but he was obliviious to that as well.


Posted by farfrompuken on Thursday, February 08, 2007

having lived in the Harbor for a yr and a half, i have to say this is NO isolated incedent. that triangle is dangerous and i don't know why York hasn't done anything about it...

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