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1A-PY681 Idaho
Saturday, January 20, 2007
ID 1A-PY681
silver CHEVROLET  Monte Carlo
Boise, Idaho


I was traveling south on Orchard when I noticed the woman in front of me was driving extremely slow. I looked a little closer and she was reading what seemed to be a magazine! She would accelerate slowly and she kept hitting the brakes even thought the car in front of her was some 150 ft. ahead! Some people just need a good smack!


Posted by semiretired on Saturday, January 20, 2007

As I've been driving truck for the last 28 years , I've seen this stunt hundreds of times.The silliest (re:dumbest) was way back in 1980 in Ct.on I84 where I saw a (stupid) woman driving in this same manner. Every time I would start to catch up to her , she'd hit the gas and pull away , only to slow down again. When I finally got a good enough run to catch up to her , I got to see what her problem was. The dummy was doing needlepoint on her steering wheel while driving! Unfortunately , this was in the pre-cellphone days , so I wasn't able to report her.

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