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Flag: This IDIOT Again!!!!

50f608l Alabama
Wednesday, January 17, 2007
AL 50F608L
Silver Other  SUV - model still unknown
Madison County , Alabama


Again with this 70+ mph weaving and bobbing tailgater! He actually ran us and one other vehicle off the road this morning just before the Whitesburg bridge area heading N into Huntsville. The cops really need a BOLO on this guy and they need to be waiting along the roadside for him prior to 5:30 am. He is a BIG accident waiting to happen, probably has already caused accidents for others by running them off the road like what nearly happened to us this morning.
He flies by so erratically and recklessly that we always miss getting vehicle make/model details. I'm carrying my camera from now on and will get pics of this fool and his dangerous antics for the police beings they won't sit and wait for him. He is out there every week! Damn you I hope you get yours before you kill someone!!!!!!


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