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PlateWire is a public repository and electronic forum of drivers by drivers. Using a drivers license plate, commuters can communicate their thoughts and feelings in regards to driving on today's roadways.

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To "Award" a driver, is to say thanks to a driver for showing courtesy and thoughtfulness.

To "Flag" a driver, is to warn a driver of his/her rude and/or careless behavior that you have witnessed.

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To "Hazard" a driver is to warn them of a physical hazard that their vehicle exhibits.

DDD 2009

LUVTOQLT - Nicolls Rd North, NY

 During heavy traffic on Nicolls Road North, instead of merging like everyone else, this idiot in a tan SUV decides to jump the median at a high rate of speed and almost hit four cars (mine included) in order to pass the stand still rows of cars. Apparently she is much more important than everyone else, including the EMT's and Cops. She drove half on the grass, half on the road trying to get into the lane. She came less than an inch from my car and forced a row of cars to try to swerve out of her way. After trying hard to force her car in front of mine, she actually rolled down her window and waved a 'thank you'. Seriously? I did not let the jackhole in. She gave up and decided to continue driving on the grass cutting off a semi up ahead. The best part is she only ended up being five cars ahead of me when the traffic cleared up.

People will never cease to amaze me. All that crap to end up nowhere fast. No consideration for anyone else, their property or the people involved in the accident. I feel sorry for her. She seems to be over compensating for a lack of a life. Besides, karma is a bitch and I'd hate to be in her car or anywhere near her when Karma decides to exact revenge. That old saying, do unto others..... Well, if that's how she wants to treat others, her life must be very sad.

Friday, October 28, 2011


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