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Just how do they get away with it is beyond me. I have seen cars with headliners sagging so low the back window is covered. I remember about 7 years ago this Green station wagon parked in front of a Pharmacy. The driver had a household light switch including the box and plate cover on his dashboard. A wire went outside the door and under the hood. This light switch was for the headlights! He also had a coat hanger for an antenna.

What is with the trash bags taped to the window with duct tape? Windows are not that hard to replace! I have replaced windshields myself on at least three different vehicles. Maintain your equipment people! The life you save may be mine.

FYI that little doughnut tire is good for driving on for 50 miles. It is not a replacement tire.

Do not get me started with the idiots on four wheelers! Especially Dip wads that fly across a busy road without any regard for traffic or safety. Four wheelers are for off road use.

Saturday, January 13, 2007


Sunday, January 14, 2007

 Hey moron.  Guess what.  You live in the poorest state in the union.  You are lucky the person had headlights.  It is not hard for a rich prick like you to replace a few windows (probably from a few bricks thrown at you, you a$$ hole.  What you should have been complaining about is the fact that there are state inspections and this person obviously has not had one in a while. 

FYI: No one gives a crap about saving your life.  It is about each person's own.


Sunday, January 14, 2007

 Sad, no life guard in your gene pool huh?


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