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PlateWire is a public repository and electronic forum of drivers by drivers. Using a drivers license plate, commuters can communicate their thoughts and feelings in regards to driving on today's roadways.

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To "Award" a driver, is to say thanks to a driver for showing courtesy and thoughtfulness.

To "Flag" a driver, is to warn a driver of his/her rude and/or careless behavior that you have witnessed.

To "Wink" at a driver, is to send a flirtacious message to a driver you've encountered.

To "Hazard" a driver is to warn them of a physical hazard that their vehicle exhibits.

DDD 2009

Morons and Rain

What is it with morons and rain that makes them drive recklessly? Please note it was raining in central MS (i.e. Jackson and neighboring cities) this morning. This bitch in a Blue-Gray Crysler Pacifica came flying up behind me on the on Ramp for Hwy 80 and I-220. It is dangerously wet outside and I cautiously take my time merging into  creeping traffic. Now, the speed limit on I-220 is 70 miles per hour.I was doing 65 ,the cow was trying to push me, but she was very unsuccessful. She got agry because I would not do 75-to 80 mph on interstate during a rainstorm. She flew past me in the left lain riding another vehicles butt. She really doesn't realize  had either one of us hit our brakes she would have completely smacked into us causing damage and injuries. But hey all the  fool was thinking about was speeing in the rain. I just hope and pray she made to her destination safely. Please beware of the Lady. Tag no. HRS -480 or 482.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


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