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DDD 2009

063 LMW jerk in SUV

 Shortly after 2 p.m. Central time 1/11/08 on Hardy Street in Hattiesburg, Miss. (where construction is ongoing) near 25th Ave and Hardy Street a Jeep driver TAG 063 LMW cut across the dangerous area coming from Walgreen's without seeing there was room, just plowed across hoping to cut in or intimidate or not caring about others.  There wasn't room but my kind spouse let 063 LMW in.  The jeep then proceeded through the traffic light and edged over two lanes, covering too much of two lanes so we could not proceed as we wished into the right lane/turn lane on Hardy Street near the university.  My spouse tooted just enough so that she would get into one lane or the other but the 063 LMW driver continued to block us off, including staying stopped apparently in the hope we would miss the next light.  The Jeep is too big for this driver and this driver is a total jerk as are too many Lamar County SUV drivers.  

This town has too many drivers that are completely uncaring about human life and extremely discourteous.  I have to say when I am driving I don't often let SUV's cut in because the end result is always like this one:  if you do them a kind turn they try to do something ugly to you.  One has to consider oneself lucky when they don't hit you however.  I believe I have seen this 063 LMW do worse than this last time I drove in this area.

Disgusted in Mississippi
Friday, January 11, 2008


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