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DDD 2009

Gonna loose that finger

Didnt get the plate on the truck, but a while later model Ford F150 Step side... Westbound Ave 304 from Hwy 99 frontage road in Tulare County...
You make an almsot complete stop in the middle of the straight lane to turn right where the is no stopsign, causing cars behind you to brake hard, then drive 40 in a 55 zone.. When anyone moves to the left to pass, you move 1/2 way into the oncomming lane to block any pass... Then when you finally turn right into the dirt driveway with the rotted and torn up bags of fertilizer for sale, you lay on your horn and put out your finger at the cars behind that are finally able to get around your road hogging a$$!
Keep that up, someone is going to break that finger off and stuff it someplace new!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Saturday, August 04, 2007

I certainly don't like to generalize, but I have never met a Ford F150 and it's driver that I liked. They tailgate, drive aggressively, or like the above, a straight up jackass.


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