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DDD 2009


 I know I can't have been the only out there victimized by out of state drivers.  Today it was Texas (x2), it seems EVERY OTHER DAY it's someone from Nevada or Arizona, so I've learned to ignore them.  The point I wanted to make here, or maybe I should phrase it as a you think it makes you angrier to see someone from out of state acting like an asshole *sorry kids* or does it make no difference?  I have this completely irrational anger towards people who come to this beautiful place (San Diego) and proceed to *eff* it up with their crappy driving skills/behaviors from "back home."  Both my parents (and most of my Cali-bred friends' parents too) taught us to just stay laid back, respect the other drivers on the road, and just "let things go."  I can drive from dowtown San Diego to the 78 without feeling any real animosity towards most other drivers there...AND I have an 18-month-old who tries my patience hourly.  But when some jerkoff from Tennessee cuts me off without a turn signal ***poof***!  Out comes Mother Irrational.  ( I don't think she'll be sainted anytime soon either)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Monday, October 15, 2007

no one in the entire state of cali uses their signals. don't be mad at out-of-towners for just following along.


Friday, November 02, 2007

 "no one in the entire state uses their turn signals...why should we?"  Am I getting the gist of this?  1st of all, nearly everyone I know uses their signals almost all the time (and I don't exactly have a small group of friends either). So, nice generalization.  Also, if I were to tell you the locals here do a naked beer run thru downtown La Jolla every third Friday of the month, do you suppose you'd "follow along" or maybe pull your head out of your ass and realize there is a third option, which is to go by your own lead, and if those senses are telling you not to signal while driving in traffic, well then my friend, you need to check out to announce your candidacy.


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